Lines Represented

Assembly & Test Equipment, Components & Materials

CPS Technologies AlSiC components, much lighter in weight than CuMo or CuW, very thermally dissipative, applications include aerospace and heat sinks, good CTE match to ceramic, substrates & packages for microelectronics.

F&K Delvotec Automatic and Semi-automatic wire bonding equipment, ball & wedge. Fine wire, heavy wire and ribbon.

MicroAssembly Technologies/EMA Automated die attach equipment for adhesive, eutectic, silver glass, MCM and Flip Chip processes.

MicroCoat Technologies Adhesives and coatings for military, medical, aerospace, down-hole, solar, etc. Offerings include UV, thermal & air cure coatings & adhesives for microelectronics (chip & wire, die attach, etc.), military, medical and any industry.

Midas Technology High-rel equipment to remove lids from hermetic packages. High-rel die removal equipment.

MVP World Class Automated Optical Inspection Solutions for solder paste inspection, SMT,Microelectronics and Packaging.

NorCom Systems High throughput equipment for gross & fine leak testing of hermetic packages without helium bombing. Meets Mil Std 883F

Nordson March Plasma Systems Gas plasma surface conditioning & cleaning equipment. Improves wire bonding and epoxy bonding.

Printed Circuits, Inc. Ultra thin, ultra light rigid flex and flex circuits designed for the rigors of aerospace, medical and military applications, for the ultimate reliability. Flex assemblies also reduce connectors, and the labor, yield, transmission, and reliability issues that are inherent in

SST International Programmable vacuum furnaces for MEMS packaging, getter activation, flux-free and void-free die attach, soldering, brazing and glass sealing.